NPS made easy

Measuring and acting on net promoter score metrics doesn’t have to be complicated. Totango provides you with everything you need to run NPS campaigns, calculate your NPS score and trigger the right actions based on your customers’ responses. 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer

Totango makes it simple to collect and act on the right data to help you better serve and retain your customers. NPS is a great first step, but why stop there? Gain a true understanding of your customers’ experience with a full suite of Voice of the Customer tools and templates. 


Complete the entire Customer Health puzzle

NPS is only one piece of the Customer Health puzzle. Quickly and easily collect and classify all customer data metrics, including NPS, product usage, engagement and more, to gain a holistic view of Customer Health and take action immediately.   

Turn detractors into promoters

Stop letting detractors fall through the cracks. Automate workflows that trigger the right action to close the loop when a customer who reacts negatively to an NPS survey by setting up trigger alerts for follow-up actions by team members or with automated email campaigns to help convert detractors into promoters.

Turn promoters into advocates

Advocacy is crucial to keeping the customer flywheel spinning. Make it easy for your customers to advocate for your brand by setting up automated workflows that send links to review sites when they respond positively to surveys.

Trusted by the world’s largest and fastest growing companies

“It is currently used by our team for our daily contact with customers. It helps monitor our accounts, usage, updates, and campaigns across the entire CSM team, which is a big help for everyone.”

Project Manager

Customer Service

“Totango allows us to stay organized, strategically plan our day and reach ALL of our customers with a personalized approach Customer data brought into Totango allows us to see which customers may need our attention right now versus those who look to be doing well and may not need any proactive outreach.”

Janet Price

Customer Success Director

ACS Technologies

“Totango allows us to send out personalized emails and build a custom success plan for clients that makes the experience feel like it was meant for them.”

Nick Burroughs

Implementation Specialist

ACS Technologies

“Really great account segmentation that helps us generate a more personalized outreach, plus you can also send targeted automation campaigns.”

Andrei Mierla

Director of Customer Success


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All the core functionality of a Customer Success platform. Perfect for organizations just getting started with customer success.

Single Unified View of Your Customer

Customer Health Score

Early Warning System

Insights Dashboards & Scorecards

Customer Segmentation

Journey Optimizer

Automated Playbooks & Workflows

Email Campaigns (250 emails/month)


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All the core functionality of a Customer Success platform. Perfect for organizations just getting started with customer success.

Unlimited Teams

Enterprise Hierarchy

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Implementation Specialist

Designated CSM

Up to 3 Seats

Unlimited Accounts

Up to 100 Accounts

Email Campaigns


Custom User Roles

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