Ready-built email templates for each stage of your customer journey.

Optimize your customer experience with automated, hyper-targeted email communications.

Leverage data to deliver a personalized experience

Target your customers with precision so you can personalize and automate your engagements based on their unique profiles, behaviors, and traits to increase engagement and adoption.


Provide value with targeted email marketing campaigns

When all of your data lives in one place, you can use that data to hyper-target customers based on where they are in their journey and deliver the right messages to them at the right time. See how WalkMe uses Totango to build targeted email marketing campaigns, such as its onboarding email program, “15 Days of WalkMe”, which features a new email each day to help customers learn how to use WalkMe, be successful with the tool, and want to stay on as partners long term.

Build or customize campaigns effortlessly with unmatched innovations

With drag-and-drop functionality, a library of templates for all kinds of occasions, and branding capabilities that you just have to see to believe, Totango’s campaign editor makes it incredibly easy for all teams to build campaigns from scratch or customize templates to optimize every customer engagement.

Scale your customer communication with ease

Scale one-to-many programs effortlessly without adding headcount by leveraging email engagements. Totango helps you to automate communications to drive deliverable user behaviors or improve customer health at scale via beautifully crafted and personalized email campaigns.

Trusted by the world’s largest and fastest growing companies

“It is currently used by our team for our daily contact with customers. It helps monitor our accounts, usage, updates, and campaigns across the entire CSM team, which is a big help for everyone.”

“Totango allows us to stay organized, strategically plan our day and reach ALL of our customers with a personalized approach Customer data brought into Totango allows us to see which customers may need our attention right now versus those who look to be doing well and may not need any proactive outreach.”

Project Manager

Customer Service

Janet Price

Customer Success Director

ACS Technologies

“Totango allows us to send out personalized emails and build a custom success plan for clients that makes the experience feel like it was meant for them.”

“Really great account segmentation that helps us generate a more personalized outreach, plus you can also send targeted automation campaigns.”

Nick Burroughs

Implementation Specialist

ACS Technologies

Andrei Mierla

Director of Customer Success


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Includes 750 Customer Accounts

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Customer Experience Canvas

Multi-Product and Multi-Account Hierarchy

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High Volume Email Send

Mulitple Health Profiles

Customer Journey Templates

Onboarding Accelerator Program

Dynamic Assignment

Extended Onboarding Options

Enterprise User Management (SCIM)

Automated Workflows

Designated Customer Success Team

Designated Customer Success Team

Email Campaigns

Enterprise Level Authentication (SSO)

Unlimited Access to SuccessBLOCs includes:

Unlimited Access to SuccessBLOCs includes:

Premium Services including:

Detect Churn Risk SuccessBLOC

Product Adoption SuccessBLOC

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Manage Onboarding SuccessBLOC

Digital Nurture SuccessBLOC

Expansion/Upsell SuccessBLOC

Priority Support

Manage Onboarding SuccessBLOC

Automate Renewals SuccessBLOC

Customized Onboarding Options

Improve NPS SuccessBLOC

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